8 Reasons to choose Rob’s Signs


I started my signwriting apprenticeship in 1976. After 9 years with the same company, l formed my own business in 1985 which l have been running ever since.


I’ve been through 3 major changes in the sign industry. The first 13 years l produced all signs with paint and brush.  In 1989 l bought my first, computerised vinyl lettering cutting equipment. In the last 5 years I have also been producing signs using wide format digital printing and can also offer screen printing for large volumes of signs.


I have experienced all the methods of sign production in the last 35 years, in an ever evolving industry. With my vast knowledge of the industry l’m able to properly advise you, with the best methods and materials, to best suit the production of your next sign.


I have owned and run a sign business long enough to know the best sign is the one that attracts customers into your premises. A great sign must best represent your product or service clearly, from the outside of your building. In these hard economical times, the wrong temptation is to spend nothing on advertising. The signs on your building are your potential customers first impression of the business. Just as a great sign can say you have a great business worth looking inside, an old or dull sign can look like you are going out of business. With my advice and experience, your new sign will not only attract attention but bring in new customers.


I pride myself on the fact that since l have been in my own business, l’ve never produced a sign a client didn’t like. l work closely with my customers and after acceptance of my quote, l provide as many layouts as it takes until you are satisfied with your sign design, before proceeding with the sign. I believe your sign must not only look good on paper it must look good and easy to read from a distance. l can also provide you with a layout of your new sign imposed on a digital photo of your building. The signs featured on the sign gallery page represent some of my many happy customers.


I believe, if l quote you a sign on cost alone, you may not end up with a sign that suits your needs. It’s very important, that as well as pleasing your budget, l know your expectations in the size of your sign, wording, colour scheme, lettering size and life expectancy. On the odd occasion l have missed a job by 10%, only to pass by the shop later and find their new sign is half the size l quoted on. The greatest effect on a signs life is the sun. When it comes to choosing a sign for the outside of your building, we can offer you various types of signs, all with different life spans.


A. Hand painted sign = 10 to 14 yrs. B. Premium vinyl cut lettering = 7 to 9 yrs. C. = Digital printing with an over laminate = 2 to 5 yrs  D. Short term vinyl lettering or unlaminated digital printing = 1 to 2 yrs. This means, when adding up the life expectancy, your new sign may only cost a $1 a week. The type of material used on a sign and the way the sign is installed also makes a huge difference to the life and look of your sign. I can offer you a sign on various types of metals, timbers, plastics, acrylics, vinyls and banner materials, all with different looks and durability.


Rob’s Signs operates out of a small factory in Ringwood with very low over heads. We have enough equipment to offer you every method of sign production, but we don’t run unnecessary machines with thousands of dollars in leasing fees every month, that must be paid indirectly by the customers. l will always offer you the lowest price possible ensuring you don’t overpay for a sign that won’t last the distance or attract new customers. A lot of large sign companies will try and sell you a short life sign, using inferior materials. This not only maximises their profits but means they get to produce the same sign more often.